Brandon Bullas
Art Director / Designer

Reset Your UO


Whether it was a 15 minute drive or a 15 hour flight, we all came from somewhere to arrive here. We anticipated the day when we would officially be considered a duck. Unbeknownst to us, we would be setting foot onto a campus divided. University originates from the Latin word universus, meaning whole and entire.

However, it can be easy to slip into a state where we feel partial, fragmented, or even inadequate. This happens when we embody difference with intolerance, are ignorant to the beauty of diversity, and don’t account for others’ well-being. We may not always hear the voices of our peers, but now it is time to listen.

Now is the time to forge a new path. Identical to other universities, we once looked toward college for a promise of unification. Too often has a college’s climate failed to deliver on that promise. We cannot allow our prejudices to follow us any longer.

Now is the time to Reset Your UO.


Digital Displays

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Campus Building Executions


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Art Directors: Me & Amanda Lucas

Writer: Michael Robelli

Social Media: Jay Levesque

Media Planning: Julia Morgans & Maggie Elias

Strategy: Xavie Tow